Futura Remixes Zifra Release Date 12 Jul 2018
Futura (Epic Hunters Remix)
Futura (Sound Of Cabossa Remix)
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Futura EP Zifra Release Date 12 Apr 2018
Futura (Original Mix)
Futura (Gus Bonani Remix)
We Were (Original Mix)
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Apologize EP Zifra Release Date 07 Dec 2017
Apologize (Original Mix)
Apologize (Epic Hunters Remix)
Apologize (Exparagus Remix)
Fantasy (Original Mix)
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Make My Day EP Epic Hunters Release Date 19 Oct 2017
Make My Day (Original Mix)
I Wanna See You Shake (Original Mix)
Make My Day (Zifra Remix)
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Down Low EP Zifra Remixes GV Release Date 14 Sep 2017
Down Low (Zifra Remix)
Low Beat, Low Pass (Zifra Remix)
What Do A Woman Want (Zifra Remix)
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While This Remixes Evolke, 2Streetback Release Date 31 Aug 2017
While This (Zifra Remix)
While This (Josef Lupo Remix)
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CASH DIED / ANTIPODES REMIXES Zifra Release Date 13 Jul 2017
SSM013 : Zifra - Antipodes (Sasha HiT Remix)
SSM013 : Zifra - Cash Died (Sasha Makin Remix)
SSM013 : Zifra - Cash Died (Sasha Pacman Remix)
SSM013 : Zifra - Cash Died (2C-HiT Remix)
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DOWN LOW EP GV Release Date 08 Jun 2017
GV - Down Low (Original Mix)
GV - Low Beat, Low Pass (Original Mix)
GV - What Do A Woman Want (Original Mix)
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CASH DIED EP Zifra Release Date 04 May 2017
Zifra - Cash Died (Original Mix)
Zifra - Antipodes (Original Mix)
Zifra - Guitarman (Original Mix)
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SNAP REMIXES 2Streetback, Miaki Release Date 27 Apr 2017
2Streetback, Miaki - Snap (Until 33 Remix)
2Streetback, Miaki - Snap (Zifra Remix)
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Beatport Top Ten Tracks

Zifra - Futura Gus Bonani Remix
Zifra - Laid Back Josef Lupo Remix
Zifra - Amalgama II Josef Lupo Remix
Zifra - We Were Original Mix
Zifra - Futura Original Mix
Zifra - Apologize Exparagus Remix
Epic Hunters - Make My Day Zifra Remix
Josef Lupo - Reason Why Dub Original Mix
Zifra - Amalgama II MNIIIKA Remix
Zifra - Futura Epic Hunters Remix
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